6 Hand Knitted Finger Puppets, Puppets Stocking Fillers

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6 Beautiful hand knitted finger puppets in a mix collection of animals, story characters and people.

These beautiful hand knitted puppets are a great gift for kids. They are fun, easy to use, enhance children's imagination and they are great for story telling. Perfect for nursery and pre-school teachers, party bags and great stocking and cracker fillers at Christmas.

Hand knitted in detail in acrylic wool they are easy to wash and they measure approximately 2.5"-3" inches. Suitable for children of any age.

I will ship within two days of payment received.

Jungle animals like lion, tiger, zebra, elephant, crocodile, giraffe, monkey, snake, parrot.

Farm animals like duck, llama, sheep, pig, rabbit, peacock, bird of paradise,

Characters, like Spiderman, Batman, Sponge Bob, Donald Duck, Picachu, Red Riding Hook, Grandmother, etc.

Christmas like Father Christmas, Christmas tree, Snow man, Reindeer, Christmas tree,

Please let us know if you have any specific preference.