Boy Alpaca Sweater Fire engine motif, Boy Alpaca Jumper Sweater/Pullover Fire engine

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Kallpa have lovingly designed and created this playful and fun fire engine jumper. We have created gorgeous, fun and playful designs with colour combinations for children and adults to love. Take your pick of designs. We have trucks, trains, space rockets, fire engines and boats for kids on the move. For animal lovers we have cute lions, giraffes, sheep and horses. Each jumper is made from a blend of high quality natural alpaca and merino wool. Alpaca wool is very light and it is much warmer than other type of wool. This blend is very soft and kind to the skin. The sweaters came in ages from to two to 6 years old. With these knitted jumpers you guarantee to keep your little ones warm and happy. These Christmas for each Jumper purchased we will include as a thank you gift one of our fun handmade finger puppets. Size 2-3 High 33 cm Arms 32 cm Wide 31 cm Size 4-5 High 38 cm Arms 37 cm Wide 35 cm Size 5-6 High 40 cm Arms 43 cm Wide 38 cm