Turquoise Silver ring, Mother of pearl silver ring, Reversible ring, Adjustable silver ring, Black onix sterling silver ring

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Lovely reversible silver rings with semiprecious stones and shells.

These elegant rings are reversible. This means that you have one stone on each side of the ring, just twist it in the middle and you change the stone. One ring but really it's two. Choose which ever side to suit your mood or to go with whatever you're wearing.

They are fun, unique, and made with real semiprecious stones and shells.

They are adjustable so they will fit any size.

You can choose from these combinations

-Crisocola turquoise (green) and sodalite (blue)
- Mother of pear shell (white) and black onyx (black)
-Spondylus shell (purple) and Crisocola turquoise (green)

Please ask me if you want some others stone combinations.

All our rings are made from sterling silver

A perfect present for her on St Valentine Day.